Temporary Exhibitions

Between the Lines: A War Diary

The exhibit shows the work of Conservation architect Moshe Shapiro.
On Simchat Torah this year (7.10.2023), his son, Aner Eliakim Shapiro, was killed.

Shapiro’s works are a response to current affairs and criticize the hypocrisy of world media in its attitude towards Israel


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בתקווה להתראות בקרוב - סיפורם של שבויי העיר העתיקה


On Friday the 19th of Iyar, May 28th 1948, after hard, heroic battles, the Jewish fighters of the Jewish Quarter laid down their weapons.

The commander of the Jordanian Legion, Abdullah El Tel, captured 341 prisoners — fighters and civilians….

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A Cover Story

The exhibit presents Challah covers from the collection belonging to the Old Yishuv Court Museum. Hand-embroidered challah covers & Printed challah covers.

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